Dogfather Services

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Dogfather Dog Walks

The Dogfather’s dedicated walkers will brighten your dog’s day by taking him out to relieve himself and get in some playtime with new friends. We work in all weather conditions... rain or shine, sleet or snow!


Dog walks last your choice of 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 
40 minutes or 60 minutes.


$15 for a 20 minute walk
$17 for a 30 minute walk
$19 for a 40 minute walk
$25 for a 60 minute walk

Dogfather Puppy Walks

Housetraining a new puppy takes a lot of time and effort. The Dogfather is here to help! While you are away at work, we will take little Fido out twice during the day, working with you to teach him to take care of his business outside of the house and avoid the loneliness pups feel after being separated from their litters.


Each puppy walk is approximately 10 - 15 minutes long.
The first walk occurs around 10:30 am and the second around 2:30 pm.


$25 per day includes both walks

Dogfather Playgroup

Leaving your precious pup home all day can be stressful for both. The Dogfather's indoor playgroup provides the perfect opportunity for your pooch to play with friends all day and come home tired and ready to relax after a long day. Playgroup starts as early as 8:00am and goes until we close at 6:30pm. We also provide a complimentary pick up service throughout the Boston neighborhoods.


Dogfather indoor social playgroup.


$25 per visit

Dogfather Cat Care

Here at the Dogfather, we even love cats! We will come to your home while you are away and visit with your favorite feline. Her water bowl will always be filled, she will be fed, and we’ll be sure to rub her belly and make her purr in your absence.


Dogfather Cat Care includes feeding your cat, cleaning his litter box and some playtime.


$15 per visit

Dogfather Overnight Care

Whether you are traveling for work, going on a vacation or have a houseguest that’s allergic to your pet – occasionally you may need for your dog to be cared for overnight or for an extended period of time. You can put your trust in The Dogfather’s owner to watch over your best friend while you are apart. She will safely transport your dog her Dogfather home-away-from-home,  located just over the border in New Hampshire. There your dog will dine on his regular diet, sleep in his normal conditions (either crated or freely in the house), and have plenty of playtime with his new canine friends.


Weeknights $45 per night (in New Hampshire)

if you have multiple dogs each additional dog is an extra $20 a night.