Karen Ray

Owner and Founder

My love for animals started at a very young age with my Aunt Francis, her little guinea pig named Cupcake, and an overweight apricot, dachshund named Kita.  Growing up in Orono, Maine and spending a lot of time with my Aunt in her little brick house, tucked away in the woods, watching the wildlife thru her big bay window was really where it all began. 

I came to Boston out of high school, attended Northeastern University and studied Elementary Education and Psychology.  Who knew that 15 years later my classroom would consist of Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas, and rescued mutts from the south.  In 2001, after September 11th, I was furloughed from US Airways VIP services.  I was living in the North End with my Tibetan Terrier, Dooley, and started to help some of my fellow dog-owning friends with their pups while they were away at work.  One dog turned in to ten dogs, and so it began.  By the time I was recalled to go back to the airline, my friendly favors developed into an actual business; that is how The Dogfather was born. 

My first business challenge was hiring my first employee. This was so scary for a neurotic, perfectionist, like myself.  How could I possibly find someone that not only do I trust with my pups, but my devoted clients could trust as well? I took the plunge and was pleasantly surprised that there really were other crazy dog lovers out there that would actually do this for free if they could.  The Dogfather was founded by, and still is, a true labor of love.  Our staff is hands down the most dedicated, knowledgeable, selfless, and caring staff in the industry.  We really are a tight-knit family and treat our pups and their owners like family as well.  Our success did not come, nor will it ever, from being on the back of a Duck Boat or a billboard: it has come directly from our continued dedication to our clients and striving to better ourselves each day to provide the best, personalized care to each and every pet. 




"I was born and raised in a small farm back in Brazil. Animals were always present and have been a great passion of mine since a young age. Growing up, my father used to breed hunting hounds and through that, a mutt appeared. It was love at first sight for Pipoca (Popcorn) and II've been with The Dogfather family for seven years. I wear a lot of hats here, but the most fulfilling part of the job is meeting all the rescued dogs that come into our Family. Each one is so different and I feel so special to be able to build a bond and trust with these angels. That's the most rewarding feeling a person could ever have. I've rescued dogs myself, and ever since, I knew "my kids" were my purpose in life. My current pup, Mochi, (pictured) is such a cranky little girl, but once you break down her barriers and have her heart and trust, she's the most loving Princess ever. I rescued her in October of 2016 right after my Max passed away suddenly. I was so heartbroken after his tragic death, I never thought that I could have another pup. Mochi came along like an angel sent from heaven to fulfill the void Max left. I love what I do and I absolutely love all my Dogfather puppies. Shh, Don't tell Mochi I love them all!! Dogs have such a special place in all our lives and I can see it on every dog owner's face that I meet."


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"I've been working here for two and a half years now, but I know my life with The Dogfather has no end in sight. My favorite part of this job is getting to know the so many different puppies and all the big personalities they have. I love spending my free time surrounded by my pup, Chico, a Brazilian Miniature Schnauzer, as well as our roommates' pups, Ace, Prince, and Gucci. Aside from Schnauzers, I'm also crazy about Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, Pugs, and of course, mutts - those have been my favorites forever. Chico is the first puppy I've had on my own. He has such a special place in my heart; everyday with that little guy is priceless. Be careful meeting him! His sweet and loving personality makes everyone fall in love in matters of seconds, he's a heart-breaker for sure. We love our family at The Dogfather."



"Dogs, and animals in general, always have been a great passion of mine. My mother gave me my first puppy, Fofão, at a young age. After that, I could not see myself without a four-legged companion. I am relatively new to The Dogfather compared to everyone else, but all these pups grew in my heart very quickly. Don't ask me who my favorite is, they all have their special place ;)  The best part of the job is first opening the door to take the pups out for a walk and being greeted with so much love, kisses, and wiggling butts. It melts my heart to know how pure their love is, they can turn a bad day into a great one in a second. To me, it's not just my "job" to walk dogs, but a great honor to be granted with the trust and sincere gratitude, from not only the dogs, but their owners, for just a simple stroll around the neighborhood."




"I have been a part of The Dogfather Family since 2011. I can't get enough of these dogs, and the great exercise is also a huge plus. Unfortunately, I don't have a pooch of my own, but when I do, it will definitely be a French Bulldog - they're my favorite! Being around these fun dogs all day long makes it feel as if I do have my own. When I'm not walking dogs, I do Improv Comedy, so you're sure to hear about some hilarious dog stories."



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