Karen Ray

Owner and Founder

The Dogfather has been a major player in the pet care industry of Boston for 17 years thanks to Karen Ray’s unique and unwavering dedication to providing quality pet care services to you and your pups!

 In September 2001, Karen Ray was living in the North End of Boston with a young Great Dane puppy while working at United Airlines based out of Logan International Airport. Due to the tragic events that occurred on September 11th, Karen Ray left United Airlines and chose to reroute her life’s path to pursue her deeply held passion of providing quality dog care to the Boston area, propelling her into a lifelong career as The Dogfather. Karen began this journey by walking her own dog and many of her neighbor’s dogs in the North End, but her clientele quickly expanded from 3 dogs, to 30, to the inevitable next step of opening a doggy daycare in the heart of the North End for her dedicated small group of clients. This pattern of expanding The Dogfather to accommodate the needs of Karen Ray’s clients, as well as the general expansion of The Dogfather’s client-base due to word-of-mouth, is what has transformed The Dogfather into what our furry family is now!

During the growth and expansion of The Dogfather, Karen Ray was able to learn every aspect of the pet care industry personally and train her employees to have the attention to detail necessary to provide these services to each and every member of The Dogfather family. The Dogfather was created as, and remains to this day, a true labor of love- we LOVE what we do! Our staff is hands down the most dedicated, knowledgeable, selfless, and caring staff in the industry.  We really are a tight-knit family and treat our pups and their owners like family as well.  Our success did not come, nor will it ever, from being on the back of a Duck Boat or a billboard: it has come directly from our continued dedication to our clients and striving to better ourselves each day to provide the best, personalized care to each and every pet.