Dogfather Dog of the Day

Meet Miss Sadie, a petite Jack Russell Terrier. She is a wiry ball of spunk and love. Jack Russells are characterized as stubborn, fearless, intelligent, energetic, athletic, and vocal: Sadie fits in all of the above. She could care less about the size of the other dogs around her. Don't get us wrong, she loves being snuggled up in a comfy couch.

We'll never forget last summer, during one of her vacation stays with The Dogfather in New Hampshire, when she killed a whale. Yup! This little cutie circled and circled the pool until the giant Shamu float was within reach, grabbed the rope it was attached to, and proceeded to drag it all the way out into the grass. The float was (at its peak) at least 10 times the size of Sadie. Boy, did she go to down on Shamu, leaving him deflated in the back yard. Proud might be an understatement: Sadie took a nap on top of the airless float once she finished "the job." Her new nickname is Sadie the Shark-Dog.

We love Sadie here at The Dogfather and cannot wait to share more of her adventures!